Tuesday, October 16, 2007

D-Backs Game

We recently went to a Diamond Backs Base Ball game on what they call Family night. It's really cool because after the game all the kids get to go out onto the field and run the bases. The boys loved it! Kaden prides himself on how fast he can run and the fact that dad let him run up ahead all by himself. Carson ran with dad which Tony describes as "Carsons face looks like he's running with the bulls"

Girls Dedication, Disneyland and The Beach

A few weeks ago we went out to California for Addy and Ella's dedication. We had such a great time. TONS of family there and friends too (from San Diego and Arizona). The girls did great the whole weekend but what I was secretly worried about was Sunday morning and getting spit up on by one of them as they were being dedicated...OK, here's why, My mom tells me that when I was dedicated I spit up all down her dress as she was walking me up to the stage (yes, she still holds it against me to this day). I was sure my time was going to come and since neither Kaden nor Carson got me during their dedications it would have to be one of the girls. However I am proud to say that I walked away from their dedication spit up free.

We decided to stay a few extra days and go to Disneyland. The boys have been before and love it...Kaden even got to go on big roller coasters this time. The girls got to meet Minnie and Mickey Mouse. It was really sweet, we ate breakfast with the characters and Minnie came over and oowed and awed over the girls, then on a napkin wrote "I'll baby sit". Carson got to see his favorite Disney characters of all, Lightning McQueen and Mator. It's safe to say that those two Disney days were a hit all around.

Well, Tony left for home after two days of Disneyland but the kids and I stayed for a few more days to go to our old church in Vista. They were having a 52nd anniversary and asked dad to preach. On the way back to Pasadena we stopped by the beach, Oceanside Harbor (the same beach I went to all growing up) and let the boys play. Kaden was stripping his clothes off as he ran down the sand...it took all of about 3 seconds for him to be drenched. Carson had to warm up to it a bit but by the end when I would say "time to go" he'd respond by holding up 1 finger and saying "more minutes".

Saturday, October 13, 2007


The boys have been playing soccer the last couple of Saturdays. They've been learning to dribble and trap the ball...today they learned about defense. It's been a lot of fun for them. Kaden jumped into it right away and has some powerful kicks...his Uncle Scott will be pleased to know that he is a lefty! Carson has taken a bit more time to warm up to it, but each week he settles in more and more. Next Saturday is their final day and the coach is going to shoot for playing an actual game :) that'll be fun.


I've been wanting to get a Johnson Family blog started for a while and I finally got my act together to do it :) This'll just be a fun place for our family and friends to check in on pictures and fun things going on in the Johnson house. I'm new at this whole thing so as soon as I can figure out how to post pictures I will...I know, totally lame! I teased my mom for all these years on her lack of understanding technology and here I am! Guess it all comes back around.