Monday, April 7, 2008

Tony turns 30!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In my rush to catch up on this blog I completely forgot that my dear husband turned 30!
Here's the low down...

I tried to surprise him with a fun day of guy stuff with his friends...he ended up finding out about it but never told me so I went through the whole charade of lying to him, anyway, he came home from his guys day to a surprise birthday party (which he also found out about). His dad and Debi flew in to surprise him too which he did not find out about so at least one surprise worked out! Here are some pics...not great ones but at least we all know and have documentation that he really did turn 30!

Look at all those candles!!!!!!!!

He had lots of other family in town too. Some that live here and others that came to visit...

Tony's cousin Amy holding Ella

Tony's sister, Aunt Liz, holding Ella

second cousins picture...Kaden, Carson and Kynan

Grandma Charlotte and Grandpa Walter
Holding the girls

Generations pic...
Great Grandma and Grandpa
Grandma Alice (Tony's mom)
Kaden, Carson, Addy and Ella

Trip to Idaho

We just got back from our trip to Idaho...
here are some fun pics!

Leaving Sunny Arizona

Landing in snowy Idaho

The Family...

Tony's Uncle Randy holding Ella

Tony's Grandma Marilyn holding Addy

Holding Addy and Ella

Tony's Aunt Terry, Aunt Debbie (holding Ella and Addy) and cousin Kelsey

My mother in law Debi and my sister in law Kim

The girls

Tony's Grandpa Ralph and Grandma Shirley with all kids

Grampy (Tony's dad) and Carson watching Cars

Aunt Kim, Carson and Addy

The whole Johnson Family

Grandpa Ole (who's home with Jesus now) holding Carson at 2 1/2 months old

Ice Skating!!!

Kaden did awesome for his first time on ice skates

Carson did not like it!

But once we took his skates off he did great!

Leaving Idaho...

look at all that junk!

Kaden and Miss Gayla

Carson and Miss Gayla

Grammy and Kaden

Grammy and Carson

On the plane with Ella

with Addy

Back where we started on the shuttle!

Easter Weekend

SFC annual egg hunt

Addy kinda looks like a bunny with the way she is positioned in the stroller :)

Carson's egg hunt


Kaden's egg hunt


Face painting...

or hand painting...

and of course bouncies,


and more bouncies!


Easter Sunday
Family picture

Getting it together...

and we're there!

Dadda, Mama and the girls

Dadda and Ella

Mama and Addy

Before baskets!

Sleepy babies!

Time for baskets!

Yay! Bunnies!

Books taste SO good!

I'm so happy!

Hey, what's this?

Wow! A Choo Choo

Now, where's mine?

Looking, looking?

Ahh Haa!

Found it!

Easter Dinner with the Nanson's