Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Halloween Fun

We had so many wonderful things to do this Halloween. We went on the Friday before Halloween to a Halloween fest with our friends Kelli, Casey and Campbell. Then on the Saturday before we went to a Boo Fest with our friends the Daye's and the Lawrence's. On the Sunday before we had Trunk or Treat at our church. Then on Halloween we went to another festival with the Daye's and the Lawrence's. We had a great time. Here are some fun pics from all the fun...

Carson was suppose to go as Super Man but when it came time to put his costume on he was afraid of it and went as a cowboy instead. However, he didn't want to carry his horsey or wear his cowboy hat and when we got there he took his boots off so he could jump on the jumpies so in the end he just looked like a redneck.

He got to decorate a cookie but really just wanted the frosting so he decided to just lick it off.

He wasn't quite sure how to go down this slide and was a bit nervous at first so he went down head first and with his hands puled himself down...he eventually got and loved it!

He loves his mom!!!

Kaden loved this slide. They had a bounce house there but he didn't want anything to do with it...just the slide. Oh, he went as Spider Man! He loves to pretend he's shooting webs out of his hands.

This was a treasured toy for days!

He got his face painted like Spider Man...this guys was so good!

Ella and Addy went too. Addy as a duck and Ella as a tiger...although Kaden and Carson thought they went as Donald Duck and Tigger.

This was the Boo Fest with our friends the Lawrence's and the Daye's...these are the kids from only 3 family' counted right, 12 kids total!

Brady and Aiden Daye (behind the stroller), Emma Daye and Kaden next to the stroller (Emma is Kaden's girl friend...he has already asked Jason, her dad, for permission to marry her), Ella and Addy in the double stroller, Carson in front of them, Eliana and Gracie Lawrence in the flower and Pooh Bear costume, Dessie Daye in front of them and in front of her Mazie and Skylar Daye

Kaden loves those slides!

Carson loved it, once he got on it!

This was a fun surf board ride...Tony had to hold him to keep him up.

Me and my girls.

I love my kiddos!
I dressed up for our Trunk or Treat festival at church...I was a Punk Rock Princess!

Our car took the prize for most original...Tony did great. We decorated the entire car as a shark then hung a sheet in the back and projected Finding Nemo onto it. It was really cool...of course we forgot to take a picture. I got this shot from a friend.

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