Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Christmas 2007 catch up...

Christmas Sunday

Family picture...I can't believe we actually got one :)

Daddy and Ella...

My girls holding hands and hugging...

Christmas Eve jammies

Christmas Morning



Carson (he did not want his picture taken)



Addy and Christmas bear

Ella and Christmas bear

Look at all these animals!

Uncle Scott teaching Squeezy how to hit the ball

"I'm so good!"

Family Dinner

Auntie Katie and Adalyn

Uncle Scott and Ella

Random Pic of Addy and Nana

Saying "bye bye" to Uncle Scott and
Auntie Katie

"Do It Girl!"
Thank you Scott for providing much humor!

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Scott Savage said...

The joys of Christmas morning...

Ali: "Kaden, did you wake up your Uncle Scott and Aunt Katie?"

Kaden: "Yes."

Ali: "Why didn't you come and wake me up like I asked you to?"

Kaden: "Because you were sleeping and I didn't want to bother you."

Scott: "Why you little..."

Scott: "Do it, girl."

Mom: "Share the road, girl."

Tony: "It's business time."