Monday, April 7, 2008

Easter Weekend

SFC annual egg hunt

Addy kinda looks like a bunny with the way she is positioned in the stroller :)

Carson's egg hunt


Kaden's egg hunt


Face painting...

or hand painting...

and of course bouncies,


and more bouncies!


Easter Sunday
Family picture

Getting it together...

and we're there!

Dadda, Mama and the girls

Dadda and Ella

Mama and Addy

Before baskets!

Sleepy babies!

Time for baskets!

Yay! Bunnies!

Books taste SO good!

I'm so happy!

Hey, what's this?

Wow! A Choo Choo

Now, where's mine?

Looking, looking?

Ahh Haa!

Found it!

Easter Dinner with the Nanson's

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Anonymous said...

Aren't twins the best thing that could ever happen to a parent? That's what Joann, Janet, Patty, Betty, Arlin and Allan think anyway.