Friday, May 9, 2008

California Trip

We drove out to California to surprise dad for his 60th birthday. We met him and mom at a restaurant...he was very surprised!

The waitress who took the picture caught dad between smiles so contrary to what this pic shows, he was having a good time :)

Must have been a bit too noisy for Squeezy!

The birthday crown

At the beach with Uncle Scott and Auntie Katie

He loves digging in the sand!

Like kiddo like Uncle...

This is Kaden being buried in the sand...

This is Carson (nervous for his brother) trying to dig Kaden out...

This is Carson trying to bury himself in the sand...

Blah!!! Dad just gave us lemons!

Kaden, Uncle Scott and Auntie Katie

Carson and Mommy...look at his filthy face!

Papa and Carson

We went to Disneyland for two days...this is day 1

On the Rockets

Look at those sweet kiddos...Ella's want some cotton candy too!

My beautiful girls!

Watching the Pixar parade at California Adventure

Autopia...Carson's driving!

Autopia...Kaden's driving (we had so much fun, I was laughing so hard!)

Day 2 (Carson and Papa's birthday)

The big C on the big C!

Here's the close up. 
He let me take as many pics of him on this thing as I wanted...
as long as he got to eat his frozen lemonade :)

On the rockets...again!

On the train (Carson LOVES trains)

Carson's first time on Matterhorn

On the tea cups with Kaden (Carson was sacked out in the stroller at this point)

Eatin' a churro (mommy had one too)

Papa and Ella

Whinnie the Pooh fun! Definitely a fav!

Leaving to come home...

Nana and Ella

Nana and Addy

It's so sad when we have to leave :(

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