Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Fun!!!!

Our life group halloween party

Kaden went as Indiana Jones.  
He takes Indie very seriously!  
He keeps asking, "is that how Indiana Jones did it in the movie?"
Carson LOVES trains so, of course, he is a train...
James the choo choo train

Addy, our little Tinkerbell...
she walks around on her tip toes

Ella, little miss Snow White...
she totally knows how cute she is!

Carson's Pumpkin (or Pompkin)

Kaden's Pumpkin

We went to a local churches Trunk or Treat...
Ella had a fabulous time on the bouncy

Miss Adalyn did not!

After Trunk or Treat we went to our church for our annual Trunk or Treat and (new this year) Slime Time...

The children's church raised money to slime one of the pastors...
both Pastor Tony and Pastor Jason  got slimmed

He was a sticky, sticky, mess!

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